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©2019 by Three Little Bakers. 

Our Bakery


Best Little Bakery in Murrumbeena, a local Bakery with a reputation for a great range and top quality.

Tasty savory and sweet treats baked fresh daily on premises.


Bert and his team have taken over Three Little Bakers in 2011. 

WHY DO WE DO IT (getting up in the middle of the night)

We do it because we like what we are doing. For us Job sutisfaction is the comments we get from our customers as they walk into our bakery. 

You could say: Happiness is...

the smell of fresh bread coming straight from the oven, the  flavor of the pie meat cooking on the stove, the aroma of the fresh cakes lingering in the room, a trace of spice from the fruit buns hanging in the air...

The appreciation of our customers makes up for many hours of lost sleep, but there is no greater pleasure than the excitement in the eyes of the children, when they discover the wide range of freshly baked goodies. 



Our Products

We are proud to be in a position to offer you  products that are home made by our qualified staff.

Bert is sourcing all the ingredients from the best traders in the bakery business and makes them into the perfect goodies. 

Our meat for the pies has been carefully selected and consists of minced meat for our plain and flavoured pies, whereas the Beef and Burgundy pie is made with chunky steak.

All the vegetables and fruit for our sandwich bar comes directly from a local green grocer.

We stock ProCal Milk for your convenience.

All products are freshly made on the premises and baked daily. 

And if it interests you, all the leftover bread goes either to charity or to a farmer for his animals.