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Our Bread

Seed Bread.JPG
One of the favorites: Swiss Seed

If you like it traditional we offer you a great tasting variety of freshly baked breads

The Selection includes:

  • White Loaf

  • Wholemeal Loaf

  • Light Rye Loaf

  • Multigrain Loaf


Three Little Bakers has made a name for its Continental and Sourdough Breads

grain sourdough.jpg

The Selection includes:

  • French Baguettes

  • French Cobb 

  • Pasta Dura

  • Pane de Casa

  • Sesame vienna

  • White, Wholemeal and Rye Sourdough 


Our latest addition: Grain Sourdough

With such a great selection it's hard to decide which one to take

Our Range includes:

  • White Rolls

  • Wholemeal Rolls

  • Multigrain Rolls

  • Light Rye Rolls

  • French Rolls

  • French Short Baguettes

  • Savoury Rolls ( Cheese & Bacon Rolls, Cheese Rolls)

And can't forget our famous Croissants!

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